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NameMember OfExtensionPublic PhoneLocation 
Abdul-Mu'min, Jah'shams Email
Abed, Karineh Ex. 3391(818) 833-3391CMS 124Email
Aburahmeh, Sammy Ex. 4035(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4035 Email
Ackerman, Xuan-Mai H.E.S.L. - Non Credit
Ex. 4575(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4575CMS 020Email
Acklin, Rian Ex. 4567(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4567 Email
Acurso, James G.Computer Applications & Office Technologies
Ex. 7737(818) 364-7737INST 2021Email
Adame, Martin HFAC Fitness CeEmail
Adams, Emma E.Anatomy
Ex. 4529(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4529CMS (Use ZOOM)Email
Ades, Ralph CMS 122Email
Adjei, Ashley M.Ex. 4571(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4571CSB 107DEmail
Africa, Erin J.Ex. 4003(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4003 Email
Aghajanian, Angela B.Calworks
Ex. 7759(818) 364-7759INST 1007Email
Aguilar, Angie I. Email
Aguilar, Lorena
Ahlstrom, Martha M. Email
Ahn, Whitney M.Ex. 4532(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4532 Email
Aiello, Catherine Email
Akl, Carole E.Mathematics
Academic Senate
Ex. 7873(818) 364-7873CMS 124 #139Email
Alaniz, Christopher Email
Alba, Anthony A.Plant Facilities
Ex. 7801(818) 364-7801PF Email
Alcazar, Beatriz Email
Ali, Asma B.Business Office
Ex. 7785(818) 364-7785CS Email
Ali, Beverly Email
Allen, Jaycee L.Pacoima 211Email
Allen, Margarete B.Astronomy
(818) 362-6182CMS -237Email
Allen, Veronica V.Child Development
Child / Family Studies
Ex. 7809(818) 364-7809CCDS 211Email
Allespach, Stephanie C. Email
Allevato, Camillo E.Ex. 4855(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4855 Email
Allred, Chloe Ex. 4877(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4877 Email
Alnaji, Loay A. Email
Alonso Pastor, Jose Angel Spanish
Alvarado, Thea S. Email
Alvarez, Brianda N.Ex. 7682(818) 364-7682LRC 223Email
Alvarez, Marcos M.Chemistry
Ex. 3343(818) 833-3343CMS 239Email
Amezquita, Dilma S.Basic Skills
Ex. 7774(818) 364-7774INST Email
Amezquita, Servando R.CSB 105Email
Amirfazlian, Mehrak Ex. 4887(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4887 Email
Anaya, Elidia Child Development Center
Ex. 4610(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4610CCDS 215Email
Anderson, John D.Ex. 4400(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4400 Email
Anderson, Thomas D.Administrative Services
Ex. 7730(818) 364-7730CS Email
Andrade, Kelly Counseling
Ex. 7641(818) 364-7641INST CounselingEmail
Andrade, Maricela Email
Anketell, Christina P.Ex. 4007(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4007LRC 234Email
Ansari, Faisal M. Email
Anthony, Ryan K.Administration Of Justice
Ex. 4186(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4186INST 2004Email
Antoniou, Nikolas D.Mathematics
Ex. 4199(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4199CMS 122Email
Anwar, Ahmad Ex. 4041(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4041 Email
Anwar, Perdana P.Ex. 7711(818) 364-7711LRC 119Email
Anzalone, Andrea L. Email
April, Jan F. Email
Aquino, Hugo G.Plant Facilities
Ex. 7191(818) 364-7600 Ex. 7191PF Email
Arakelyan, Izabella Email
Arevshatian, Zareh Cinema
Ex. 4360(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4360 Email
Arguello Escobar, Astrid A. Email
Arieff, Diane Email
Armenta, Susan HFAC Email
Armstrong, Anne E.Anthropology
Ex. 4244(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4244CMS Email
Arora, Balbir S.Ex. 7136(818) 364-7600 Ex. 7136INST - FACULTY OFFICE Email
Arora, Chander P.Biology
Ex. 7753(818) 364-7753CMS 225Email
Arriaga, Abraham Basic Skills
LRC 233Email
Arrieta, Jose A. Email
Artis, Troy T.CAI 207Email
Arutyunyan, Araksya DSP&S
Ex. 3432(818) 833-3432INST 1018Email
Arviso, Debra A. Email
Asatryan, John Mathematics
Ex. 4078(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4078CMS 126Email
Ascencio, Cesar O.Ex. 4304(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4304 Email
Asheroff, Mikhail Ex. 4264(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4264 Email
Asili, Hosseinh Ex. 4262(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4262HFAC 202Email
Assadourian, Tamara S.Ex. 4032(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4032 Email
Atondo, Elizabeth M.Counseling
Ex. 7661(818) 364-7661INST 20Email
Augusztiny, Eric C.Ex. 4133(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4133 Email
Avakian, Regina Email
Avanessian, Sevana Mathematics
Ex. 4050(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4050CMS 124Email
Avendano, Jose Mathematics
Ex. 4407(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4407CMS 27Email
Avendano, Pedro G.Plant Facilities
Ex. 7801(818) 364-7801PF Email
Avetisyan, Lusine Email
Avetyan, Smbat Astronomy
Ex. 4492(818) 364-7600 Ex. 4492CMS Email
Avila, Mariaelena Email
Ayala, Alex Email
Ayala, Eustolia Family Child Care Edu. Home Network
Ex. 7709(818) 364-7709CCDS Email

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