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RedLetterMedia January 30, 2010Webster's dictionary defines appetizer as: "A short Avatar review before the Attack of the Clones review is comp...
RedLetterMedia January 30, 2010Webster's dictionary defines appetizer as: "A short Avatar review before the Attack of the Clones review is complete".

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  • I can respect the visual effects...but I can't tolerate James's bashing of the military. I used to like his movies a lot, now I will no longer see anything he produces....even if he finally gets Sandra Bullock fully nude...I won't go see it.
  • oh God i hated this movie... was probably the most over rated movie ever...
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  • Get the movie with ultraspeed at Movie Watcher instantly!
  • 8:32 distrustful LOL
  • "At least commit suicide over something noble... like gambling debts."
    LMFAO +1000
  • You too, and way to keep it civil. I'm a VERY picky critic that hates almost everything Hollywood puts out these days. I think the art of film-making is a lost one for the most part. This is one of my favorite films and certainly the best I've seen this millennium. I think it helps also to bring a date... it adds to the feel.
    Different strokes for different folks. To me this is right up there with Citizen Kane or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn... classics.
  • the military is full of braindead morons and wanna be rambos who enlist and fly over to the Middle east to feel like a bunch of badasses or indulge in their sick militariastic fantasies. They get em at age 21 because that's when guys are all like "HOO-YA sucka lets blow shit up for america" and easily manipulated by propaganda, while the US military establishes bases in the ME to control their resources
    this is the first review of his that i've had a major disagreement with whoever-this-guy-is
  • @ChaoticSouls
    I don't think that's it either, he's just bashing the "evil corrupt violent warmongering humans" in general.
  • @LitleSparow I don't think he was really bashing America's military so much as the problem of any military industrial complex.
  • @JunmaiShu I guess I see what you mean, but I like movies that are more driven by characters. Ones that are seen to be a little more complex, not, as mentioned in the vid, one-dimensional.
    But I don't HATE the movie or anything. It was pretty decent. Great effects, and cool concepts (like the half-human half-alien avatar). Yeah, it sparked my imagination. But I just don't think it's an insta-classic or "revolutionary" film that it's said to be. Whatever. Either way, thanks for your insight.
  • I think the opposite is true. I don't get everybody's hell-bent obsession these days that everything has to be "realistic", or that some back story is required to explain everything. These are movies. They are not real. Half the point of a good film or book is to pique your intrigue and your imagination. Doesn't anybody possess the latter these days?...
  • Like it or not, his portrayal of the military and our global elite is dead on balls. Or would you rather go on being oblivious (by choice or otherwise) to this fact? Throughout history it's been a constant that those in power will stop at nothing to further that control, which includes killing innocents. I'm sorry if that notion is uncomfortable for you to acknowledge, but it's reality.
    Don't shoot the messenger.
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