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RedLetterMedia January 30, 2010Paaaaart Two of my Avatar review! I didn't hate this movie. I just didn't really like it a lot. I think James Ca...
RedLetterMedia January 30, 2010Paaaaart Two of my Avatar review! I didn't hate this movie. I just didn't really like it a lot. I think James Cameron is a great filmmaker and I've liked a lot of his movies, but this one was just a little too simplistic plot wise. It worked with Titanic for some reason, but this one not so much? Good times though...
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  • does anyone doubt, even for a second, that the "humans" are really going to leave that planet alone with billions of dollars worth of minerals?
    They'll be back for Avatar 2, the revenge! The na'vi are screw and God bless capitalism lol
  • The thing I hated most about this movie is how the Na'vi were morons. News flash: even stone age societies can understand things like spies and betrayal. That's why they are very careful about who they let into their tribe, especially if they come from a tribe that they are enemies with. But when Jake comes and says "Hi, I'm a soldier; you know, the kind you've been fighting small-scale war with for years; I want to infiltrate.. I mean, learn from you", they say "Show him fucking everything!"
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  • Jurassic Park the ride.... i have actually taken that. god....
  • Great review!! ;o) Perfect!
  • @nord1989
    Navi aren't real. They can be called every name in the book.
  • Okay somebody's probably said this, but the "military" were just security for that mining corporation; space-age Blackwater thugs. The movie wasn't saying that military is wrong, and I don't think it makes America's armed forces look bad. Sully even says in the beginning that on Earth, those soldiers were fighting for freedom and such, and on Pandora they've become guns for hire.
    Terrific review, but check your facts when making big statements like that.
  • You like to call indigenous peoples savage and primitive. Why not go right ahead and add "stone-age" or "barbarian"? That about somes up your cultural bias. And frankly, racism.
    Sorry man, but you suck.
  • Did anyone noitce that the blue tribe used bow and arrows? That wasn't really creative at all. And some of those blue characters dress like Africans, or people in the Carribean's. They have the same accent as them too.
    I just don't think that Avatar fits in the category as the hugest selling film. I think Titanic should've stayed at top, because it was actually pretty good.
  • @commander672
    Even if they had GPS, which I doubt, why would that work in the magic flux vortex?
    We saw the kind of explosion those pallets of mining explosives are able to produce when the shuttle went down. It wasn't impressive.
    If they just chucked it out the door from waaaay up high, there are winds between them and the ground, which would whip the unguided cubes any which way they want. They wouldn't have come close to going where they wanted them to go.
  • @hafabee
    So, as you understand it, Halliburton and Monsanto have sovereign power over land areas and control parts of the national army?
  • I seriously couldn't agree anymore, except princess and the frog kicked ass. But in Avatar all the characters if they weren't generic they were interchangeable. The guy from Dodgeball, I forgot he was in this movie, if you want to give the main character friends they can talk to as humans, make them interesting. I would bitch about the main character, but to be fair he was supposed to be that way so we can level with him as you mentioned in your star wars review.
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